Don Pedro is not just a beef brand, it is a story about beef…


Experience is what you will find when two families, bonded by the meat business since 1969, meet again to invest all their expertise to create this unique product.

Taste that only knowledge and passion can give, taste for life, taste for the finest beef.

Why Don Pedro you ask? You’ll have to discover by yourself…

It all starts in Uruguay, home of the ‘La Celeste’ (‘The Sky Blue’) national football team and quite some cattle.
We can just mention that this country of a mere 3.000.000 inhabitants and a surface of 176.000 km² allows the 12.000.000 cattle heads to graze and live freely in the open fields at open sky all year round for their entire lives.
With more than 10.000 m² of land (over 2 soccer fields) for each head, abundant water sources and vast grasslands, we can ensure they live a wonderful life which results in a magnificent flavour, tenderness and many nutrients.

Even the open feedlots where some animals spend their last 120-150 days to be grain fed (benefitting even more from the natural characteristics this great land has to offer), are located in the middle of wide, privately owned farms.
Only Angus, Hereford and cross-breeds between them are carefully and specially selected for the Don Pedro program.

The foundation of the knowledge for the Don Pedro program is with Pedro, the well-respected Uruguayan man who has been active in the beef industry since 1969. He and his family developed such an expertise and special relationship with the (international) beef industry that, almost 50 years later, they are still as respected and appreciated as in the first day.

The early 70’s brought a strong friendship between Carnimex and Pedro’s family – Don Pedro was born as a tribute to this special bond and knowledge.

Proudly produced for Carnimex by Frigorifico Pando (family owned and managed) with the first and second generation working shoulder-to-shoulder. Since 1992 the family has uninterruptedly invested in infrastructure, food safety and product development, with that it is worth mentioning that the plant is BRC AA graded since 2010.
Being themselves farmers, cattle producers and managing also their own feedlot, has allowed them to always be in close contact with their loyal cattle suppliers, securing an excellent, even and constant provision in this way.

Only the best heavy carcasses with excellent marbling are personally chosen for Don Pedro’s cuts.

Animal welfare has been a main issue for Uruguay and all parts involved in Don Pedro’s project. A team of specialists at origin assures that animals are treated under the best practices, all the way through from the farms and feedlots to the slaughterhouse, following Mrs. Temple Gradin recommendations.

The plant is certified and audited by SGS on Animal Welfare practices as well.

Many brands offer good beef, but only one offers a true story of experience, taste, passion and real partnership between families since the last century…